Investment Opportunities
Our investment opportunities are only available to our approved accredited investors. Please email us below to request the application if you would like to be approved as our qualified accredited buyer.
Email -
Call: 832-277-3577

Participating in investment opportunities -
Texas RE Investment Group, LLC is a privately owned company that works with accredited investors. Accredited investors can select the investment they would like to invest in. As a Series LLC all investments are held in individual LLCs. Upon investing our equity share investor is issued a share or a stock in the company. A share holder does not participate in our corporate activities and decision making and is considered a silent partner.

Partnership varies depending upon the investor's needs and investment needs.
Lender - As a private lender you can earn above market guaranteed returns.
Equity Partner - As an equity partner you can share in the equity.
Hybrid - Get some guaranteed return and share in the equity.
Investments - 
Texas RE Investment Group, LLC specializes in upper middle class to higher end assets. This is unique model compare to other investment groups and offers Texas RE Investment Group to access highly qualified buyers and tenants including corporate clients from big companies . 

As a previous petroleum industry insider our contacts in the industry has put us in a unique position. Most of our end customers are industry executives who are looking for either upper middle class or high end home to buy or rent
Our Portfolio - Our portfolio includes homes with pools, homes on golf course, large 4-5 bed room homes to executive town homes, Office Buildings, Car Rental Place, Strip Malls.

Our Clients - Some of the companies we worked with are Chevron Phillips, Murphy Oil, Anadarko, Exxon Mobile, Shell etc. But we also get clients from service companies that work with these major companies.

Investment Location - Our investments are located in The Woodlands , Texas - One of the fastest growing community and surrounding areas impacted by exploding growth due to move here by several major businesses like Exxon Mobile. As a part of leadership team in the Montgomery county, Texas RE Investment Group founder has unique incite about the future growth and development of this community. 
Accredited Investor Application

If you would like to grow your investment and would like to join our private investor’s club you will need to fill out the Investor Qualifying Application to be qualified. Please note proof of funds is required before final approval. All members need to sign NDA. 

Please email us to request the "Investor Qualifying Application".


Educated Investors make best partners. Teaching investor partners about ins and outs of rehab.
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